Imereti Agro Zone (IAZ) Project

The goal of this Imereti Agro Zone (IAZ) state-funded project is to create a state-of-the-art greenhouse cluster to produce wide variety of vegetables, greenery, fruit and flowers and substitute existing imported agriproducts and eventually create a possibility of even exporting produced products on the EU and Eastern European markets. The project is intended to target small, middle, and large scale private farmers that would like to operate in Imereti Region, Georgia.  

The project is currently entering in to a  request for proposals (RfP) stage. For detailed information please visit IAZ website by clicking on the button below

6 ha Venlo Type Greenhouse Project in Georgia 

 The goal of the project is to produce agricultural products (mainly tomatoes as well as tulips as a complementary seasonal product) in the modern greenhouse that partially will substitute imported products and eventually create a possibility of exporting tomatoes throughout the Caucasian Region, Russia, Ukraine, Kazakhstan and even to some of EU countries, by using Dutch, Venlo-type greenhouse technology. 
For the detailed information please download project teaser below